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Mojo Hands, Jackballs, Tobies & Nation Sacks

Mojo Bags Display

Mojos, jack balls, hands, tobies, nation sacks...Our Sister Moon Brand custom made mojos include only authentic botanical and zoological curios and intention-specific symbolic objects. Each hand is assembled, charged, and wrapped up in the traditional flannel bag. Each kit includes one 1/2 oz. bottle of appropriate dressing oil and instructions for assembly and usage.

Mojos are available in regular strength ($20.00) and XXX strength ($35.00). They are also available in just herb and mineral combinations (with no zoological curios). Please specify "vegan" when ordering if you would like an herb and mineral only mojo.

COMBO & CUSTOM MOJO HANDS - Magical bags made with you in mind.
Product Price
All Mineral and Herb Uncrossing Mojo - This Mother Nature friendly mojo helps to keep off the negativity and muck we encounter every day. Keep others from crossing you up while you do your thang. BCH-MVUNCROS $20.00
Blessed Healing Mojo - This miraculous mojo aids the elimination of infirmities that would keep you from enjoying the good health you deserve. Addresses issues of the mind, body, and spirit. Restores vitality and mental balance. Soothes the wounds of the past, and allows recovery to begin. Comes with "Blessed Healing" dressing oil. (Not intended for use as a replacement for actual medical assistance.) BCH-MIBLESSD $20.00
Crown of Success Mojo - Achieve mastery and recognition in your career or in your scholastic endeavors. This potent mojo enhances personal power, charisma, and proficiency, making you shine above everyone else. Encourages social success by promoting eloquence in speech, diplomacy, and self-confidence, while augmenting the additional leadership qualities of wisdom, vision, and courage. Comes with "Crown of Success" dressing oil. BCH-MICROWNS $20.00
Faithfulness In Marriage Packet - This packet of special love herbs comes ready to be sown into the bed mattress or placed between the mattress and box springs to keep your partner faithful, your marriage strong, and the lovin' hot and heavy. Comes with "Wedded Bliss" dressing oil. BCH-SPFAITHM $15.00
Gambler's Friend Mojo - Increase and protect your gambling luck with this powerful mojo hand. It doesn't matter what your game is, this mojo will keep you winning. Comes with "Dragon's Blood" dressing oil. BCH-MIGAMBLR $20.00
Lady E's Love Drawing Mojo - Bring that new love to you, or secure the one you have. This magic combination will get you the love you want. Comes with "Lady E's Love Draw" dressing oil. Same-sex love attracting mojos also available. Just ask! BCH-MILADYES $20.00
Lucky Me Mojo - Our most popular mojo addresses many issues at once. This general purpose hand draws love, money, and luck in all its forms. It also protects your mental and physical well-being, as well as your good standing with others. Comes with "Lucky Me" dressing oil. BCH-MILUCKME $20.00
Lust Don't Rust Mojo - The magnetic attraction of this mojo makes you the object of everyone's desire! Also restores male and female nature to ensure that any moths drawn to your flame will be completely consumed by your fire! Comes with "Fire of Desire" dressing oil. Be sure to designate when ordering this item your sex and the sex of those you wish to attract. BCH-MILUSTDO $20.00
Master Conjure Jack Ball - See for yourself why this super powerful jack ball is truly the "Master of All Mojos." Be unstoppable in your quest to have what you want. Everyone and everything are within your grasp and under your control when you carry this jack! Requires your personal concerns (sent to us beforehand), as they are worked into the construction of your personal ball of enchantment. Due to the amount of time and attention required to make this item, we need at least four weeks (one complete moon cycle) to finish it, but it is well worth the wait. Comes with "Master Key" and "Van Van" dressing oils. BCH-MIMASCON $60.00
Mean Green Money Drawing Mojo - Increase and protect your wealth with this powerful mojo hand. Others will be so envious of your financial success, but try as they might, they can't touch you! Comes with "Mean Green Money Drawing" dressing oil. BCH-MIMGREEN $20.00
Nation Sack - This traditional southern "Ladies Only" mojo is especially made to ensure that your dog stays on the porch and that his fidelity is "fixed" for only you. Make him your love puppet with this secret spell in a bag. Includes two cotton squares for personalization. Comes with "Follow Me Boy" dressing oil. BCH-MINATION $20.00
Pit-Bull Protection Mojo - Protects you from all manner of evil and ill intentions. Creates a shield that deflects jinxes, curses and the dreaded evil eye. Comes with "Fiery Wall of Protection" dressing oil. BCH-MIPROTEC $20.00
Saint Michael Protection Packet - This arsenal in a packet draws on the resources of the powerful Saint Michael "The Protector." Includes Saint Michael prayer card. Affix to the backside of a picture or mirror that is hung facing the door. BCH-SPSTMICH $15.00
"You Name It" Mojo - Just tell us what you want and we will create a custom made mojo tailored to you specific needs and desires. Comes with a small vial of mojo appropriate dressing oil. BCH-MIUNAMEE $20.00