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Dressing & Anointing Oils

Dressing & Anointing Oils Display

Our Sister Moon Brand dressing and anointing oils can be used in a variety of ways; add them to the bath, use them to anoint the body, and dress candles and objects. All oils are made with only genuine and traditional botanical and mineral ingredients. No artificial colors or fragrances. Sold in 1/2 oz. glass bottles.

DRESSING & ANOINTING OILS - Highly effective oils for conjuring and crafting.
Product Price
Abramelin Oil - Described in the medieval grimoire called "The Book of Abramelin," written by Abraham of Worms. Used for anointing magical weapons and creating Cakes of Light. BCH-OAABRAME $5.50
Adam and Eve Oil - Used to bring proposals of marriage and to promote and strengthen love and unions. BCH-OAADMEVE $5.50
Attraction Oil - Used to make oneself more attractive to another. Can also be used to make a thing or a situation more appealing. BCH-OAATTRAC $5.50
Banishing Oil - Used to get rid of whomever and whatever troubles you. BCH-ODBANISH $5.50
Bend Over Oil - Used to gain the upper hand in relationships where things are uneven or one person is dominant and the other is submissive. Bends others to your will. BCH-ODBENDOV $5.50
Black Arts Oil - Used to rain down destruction and suffering on enemies and for making pacts. BCH-ODBLKART $5.50
Black Cat Oil - Used to return a lost love and to increase gambling success. Contains the hair of a lucky black cat. BCH-ODBLKCAT $5.50
Blessing Oil - Used to gain spiritual blessings and to inspire feelings of peace and centeredness. BCH-OABLESSI $5.50
Blessed Healing Oil - Used to dispel depression, sorrow, and fear of the future. Inspires a sense of confidence and well-being while promoting mental and physical health. (Not intended for use as a replacement for actual medical assistance.) BCH-OABLESSD $5.50
Boss Fix Oil - Used to gain favor with your employer, sweeten their disposition towards you, and catch their ear when proposing your ideas. BCH-ODBOSSFX $5.50
Break Up Oil - Used to encourage contention and create rifts in relationships. Makes couples miserable with each other leading to estrangement or divorce. BCH-ODBREAKU $5.50
Cast Off Evil Oil - Used to cast off the chains of addiction and bad habits. Eliminates negative influences. Assists the shifting away from harmful environments and situations. BCH-ODCSTOFF $5.50
Come Back! Oil - Used to bring about reconciliation between friends or lovers. BCH-ODCOMEBK $5.50
Commanding/Controlling Oil - Used to override the will of another, and have them do your bidding instead. Make others do what you want -- no hassles. BCH-ODCOMMAN $5.50
Compelling Oil - Used to compel another to deliver on what they promised. Forces others to follow-through. BCH-ODCOMPEL $5.50
Confusion Oil - Disrupts your enemies' plans through misunderstandings, mishaps, and mayhem. Causes confusion so they won't know whether they are coming or going. BCH-ODCONFUS $5.50
Court Case Oil - Used to bring about the successful conclusion of situations involving a court of law or arbitration. BCH-OACOURTC $5.50
Crown of Success Oil - Used to aid in the attainment of all types of success, recognition, respect, fame and personal gratification. BCH-OACROWNS $5.50
Crucible of Courage Oil - Used to strengthen one's spirit when facing danger, fear, ridicule, or overwhelming odds. Allows one to remain calm, confident, resolute, and in control despite what may be happening. BCH-OACOURAG $5.50
Crystal Clear Concentration Oil - Used to clear the mind of confusion, thus encouraging focus and decisive action. Enhances mental strength and alertness. BCH-OACRYSTL $5.50
Destruction Oil - Use when seeking the destruction of your enemies or for the purpose of exacting extreme revenge. BCH-ODDESTRC $5.50
Double Mars Oil - Used to draw same-sex love and romance for gay males and to encourage domestic unions. BCH-OADMARSS $5.50
Double Venus Oil - Used to draw same-sex love and romance for lesbians and to encourage domestic unions. BCH-OADVENUS $5.50
Dragon's Blood Oil - Used to remove negative vibrations and increase the power of magical workings; changes one's luck for the better. BCH-ODDRAGON $5.50
Dr. J.H. McLean's Volcanic Oil (2 oz. bottle) - This old-timey remedy for aches and strains contains such cleansing components as camphor and pine oil. It also contains sassafras oil, which, along with the pine oil, are money drawing components. Employ Dr. McLean's to relieve pain, or as a rub for cleansing or money drawing purposes. BCH-OADRMCLN $6.00
D.U.M.E Oil - The name stands for "Death Unto My Enemies" and as the name implies, this oil puts the nail in their coffin. Think a long, hard time before using this one. BCH-ODDUMMEE $5.50
Fear Not To Walk Over Evil Oil - Used to protect one from being jinxed, crossed, or cursed through the feet; walk your path without fear of harm. BCH-OAFEARNO $5.50
Fiery Wall of Protection Oil - Used to create a fiery shield of protection so you may live your life without interference, hassles, or fear of other's actions. (Not intended for use as a replacement for actual police assistance.) BCH-OAFIERYW $5.50
Fires of Passion Oil - Makes you irresistible, thus opening the way for sexual relations. BCH-OAFIRESP $5.50
Follow Me, Boy Oil - Used to make a man follow you around like a love-struck hound. BCH-OAFMEBOY $5.50
Follow Me, Girl Oil - Used to make a woman follow you around like a love-struck hound. BCH-OAFMEGRL $5.50
Get That Job Oil - Used to gain the favor of would-be employers and to draw offers of employment. BCH-OAGETJOB $5.50
High John the Conqueror Root Oil - Used to enhance male sexual prowess and vigor and for luck in games of chance. Increases personal power and overall vitality. BCH-OAHIGHJC $5.50
Holy Oil - The historically correct recipe described in the Book of Exodus 30:23-24. Used for consecration and sanctification purposes. BCH-OAHOLYEE $5.50
Hot Foot Oil - Used to drive away negative people and remove them from your life in a hurry! Rather spicy, so use with caution if you have sensitive skin. BCH-ODHOTFOO $5.50
Jinx Killer Oil - Used to take off jinxes, hexes, curses, and all other types of negative or limiting witchcraft. BCH-ODJINXKL $5.50
King Solomon's Wisdom Oil - Bestows the King's wisdom, leadership skills, and keen reasoning. Aids in test-taking and facilitates academic achievement. BCH-OAKINGSO $5.50
Lady E's Love Draw Oil - Used to draw love and romance and heighten desire. BCH-OALADYES $5.50
Law Keep Away Oil - Alleged to keep your personal and business activities off the radar of governmental authorities and agencies (the police, Immigration, IRS, etc.) BCH-OALAWKEE $5.50
Love Me Long Time Oil - Used to attract a lover and then make them stay with you for as long as you wish. BCH-OALOVELT $5.50
Luck Be My Lady Oil - Used to make you lucky in all games of chance and to increase gambling skill. BCH-OALUCKBE $5.50
Lucky Me Oil - Used to turn bad luck to good, and to draw fortunate circumstances, events, and opportunities. BCH-OALUCKME $5.50
Lucky Seven Oil - Used for quick, down and dirty sex, love, and money luck. BCH-OALUCKY7 $5.50
Magnetic Attraction Oil - Used to attract whatever you like. Alleged to make your dreams come true. BCH-OAMAGNET $5.50
Master Key Dressing Oil - Used to gain mastery and control in occult pursuits and spiritual matters. BCH-OAMASTERK $5.50
Mean Green Money Draw Oil - Used to help bring money, save money, and increase wealth. BCH-OAMGREEN $5.50
New Orleans Fast Red Oil - Used to bring hot, quick gambling luck in games that require it; not intended for use in games that are long lasting or require constant good fortune. BCH-OANOLAFS $5.50
Pay Me Now! Oil - Used to recover money and favors from debts that are owed. BCH-ODPAYMEE $5.50
Psychic Vision Oil - Used to encourage and intensify dreams, visions, and to strengthen intuition and psychic ability. BCH-OAPSYCHV $5.50
Peaceful Home Oil - Used to restore peace to the home and encourage a loving and supportive environment; eliminates quarrels and soothes hurt feelings; ensures a steady flow of income. BCH-ODPEACEH $5.50
Revenge Oil - Used to exact justice upon someone for their evil-doing, as opposed to just deflecting their negativity back to them. Not just a slap on the wrist, so use wisely. BCH-ODREVENG $5.50
Reversing Oil - Used to return jinxes, hexes, and curses to those who have sent them. BCH-ODREVERS $5.50
Road Opener Oil - Used to remove obstacles and situations that keep you from getting what you want or keep you from moving forward. BCH-OAROADOP $5.50
Run Devil Run Oil - Used to drive away the devil so he has no control over you. Said to encourage clean living. BCH-OARUNDEV $5.50
Safe Travel Oil - Used to ensure safe and auspicious travel and to guarantee a joyful homecoming. BCH-OASAFETR $5.50
Saint Oils - Used to invoke the power of a particular saint.
Saint Gabriel

For special messages and divine inspiration.
Saint Michael

A fierce protector from evil and from bodily harm.
Saint Raphael

Performs all manner of healing.
Saint Uriel

Repentance and to seek salvation; said to be the "Flame of God."
Virgin of Guadalupe
(Virgen de Guadalupe)

Patroness of Mexico and the Americas; request anything.
Saint Anthony
of Padua

Finder of lost people and items.
Saint Barbara
Protector of women and the imprisoned.
Saint Christopher
Protector of those traveling; prevents accidents.
Saint Dymphna
Aids mental illness and rape/abuse recovery.
Saint Expedite
For quick results, and the elimination of delays.
Saint Joan of Arc
For courage and spiritual strength.
Saint Joseph
Aids in selling real estate and finding/keeping work.
Saint Jude
Patron of lost causes and desperate situations.
Saint Martha
(Martha Dominadora)
Patroness of domestic helpers; boss fixing; bend over work; reuniter of the separated.
Saint Martin of Tours
(Martin de Caballero)

Provides protection and money/business drawing.
Saint Martin of Porres
(Martin de Porres)

Petition for race relations; healing animals and people.
Saint Patrick
Protection against snakebite; gatekeeper; opens the way.
Saint Peregrine
Patron of cancer patients; petition for restored health.
Silver and Gold Oil - Used to attract riches of all kinds, but particularly the types of riches that are long-lasting and appreciate with age (strong friendships, good health, fine art, real estate, stocks and bonds, etc.) May also be used when working with spirits and gods that are associated with silver and/or gold. BCH-OASILGOL $5.50
Special #20 Oil - The famous, all-purpose candle dressing oil. Often called "Brown Oil" or "Wick Oil," its origin can only be speculated, but its super effectiveness is proven. BCH-OASILGOL $5.50
Spirit Guide Oil - Used to attract and gain the favor of beneficial spirits and helpful beings, and to receive spiritual guidance from said entities. BCH-OASPIRIT $5.50
Stay With Me Oil - Used to keep a spouse happy at home -- not running around or chasing other women/men. BCH-OASTAYME $5.50
Steady Work Oil - Used to aid in getting and keeping a job. Said to keep the work coming and the cash flowing in. BCH-OASTEADY $5.50
Stop Gossip Oil - Used to silence the tongues of those who would speak against you. BCH-ODSTOPGO $5.50
Tres Flores (Three Flowers) Brilliantine Oil (4 oz. bottle) - This favorite is worked through the hair to smooth it out and increase luster. It is also alleged to have the added benefits of drawing love and romantic attention. Has a pleasing floral scent. A little goes a long way. BCH-OATRESFL $10.00
True Love Oil - Used to draw true love; follows the medieval recipe with some additional kick. BCH-OATRUELV $5.50
Uncrossing Oil - Used to remove crossed conditions, jinxes, bad luck, and self-undermining tendencies. BCH-OAUNCROS $5.50
Van Van Oil - Used to clear away negativity so that the way is open for good things to come in. BCH-ODVANVAN $5.50
Victory Oil - Used to ensure victory in any competition and to get over on enemies. BCH-OAVICTOR $5.50
Wealthy Way Oil - Used to ensure success in business and financial pursuits and to increase your wealth in a steady and continuous fashion. BCH-OAWEALTH $5.50
Wedded Bliss Oil - Used to ensure continued love, respect, and affection between spouses. Encourages conjugal bliss and fidelity. BCH-OAWEDDED $5.50