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Religious & Inspirational Statuary & Images

Religious Items Display

"Holy cow, Batman!" Whether you benefit from the use of visuals in ritual, or are seeking a Buddha for your wealth sector, our fine assortment of religious statuary, Saint cards, and symbolic images are sure to please. In the event that we do not have the particular Divine Being, Magical Entity, or Saint you require, just ask!

RELIGIOUS IMAGES & ITEMS - For meditation, prayer, and worship.
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Saint Cards - Used for petition and devotion. Please see the list below for our more popular designs; others are available on request.

7 African Powers
(Siete Potencias)

The seven African Orishas represented by seven Catholic Saints, plus Justo Juez.
The Lonely Soul
(Anima Sola)

Release from purgatory or to harm a soul.
Saint Gabriel

For special messages and divine inspiration.
Saint Michael

A fierce protector from evil and from bodily harm.
Saint Raphael

Performs all manner of healing.
Saint Uriel

Repentance and to seek salvation; said to be the "Flame of God."
Holy Family
Promotes peace in the home and within the family.
Infant of Atocha
(Niño de Atocha)

For the imprisoned and help with lawsuits.
Infant of Prague
(Niño de Praga)

For miraculous healing and granting of special favors.
La Caridad del Cobre
Patroness of Cuba; provider of miraculous help.
Virgin of Guadalupe
(Virgen de Guadalupe)

Patroness of Mexico and the Americas; request anything.
Our Lady of

Petition to regain health.
Our Lady of
Mount Carmel

Protection from accidental death.
Our Lady of

Protection for young children.
Powerful Hand
(Mano de Ponderosa)

The protective hand of God; magical protection and blessings.
Saint Anthony
of Padua

Finder of lost people and items.
Saint Barbara
Protector of women and the imprisoned.
Saint Blaise
For diseases of the throat and communication.
Saint Clare
of Assisi

Help with addictions and for understanding.
Saint Christopher
Protector of those traveling; prevents accidents.
Saint Cyprian
Patron of magicians; protection from bad neighbors.
Saint Dymphna
Aids mental illness and rape/abuse recovery.
Saint Expedite
For quick results, and the elimination of delays.
Saint Florian
Patron of firemen; protection from fire.
Saint Francis
of Assisi
Protection of pets and wild beasts.
Saint Joan of Arc
For courage and spiritual strength.
Saint Joseph
Aids in selling real estate and finding/keeping work.
Saint Jude
Patron of lost causes and desperate situations.
Saint Lazarus
Resurrections; aids those with infectious diseases, especially those of the skin (i.e. leprosy).
Saint Lucy
Help with eye afflictions and legal problems.
Saint Martha
(Martha Dominadora)
Patroness of domestic helpers; boss fixing; bend over work; reuniter of the separated.
Saint Martin of Tours
(Martin de Caballero)

Provides protection and money/business drawing.
Saint Martin of Porres
(Martin de Porres)

Petition for race relations; healing animals and people.
Saint Patrick
Protection against snakebite; gatekeeper; opens the way.
Saint Peregrine
Patron of cancer patients; petition for restored health.
Saint Medals - Carry your favorite Saints with you! These 1" oxidized metal charms can be sown on mojo bags, worn on a chain, or hung in a meaningful place. Various religious subjects including, but not limited to, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the Saints (see list above). BCH-RMMEDALS $3.50
Japa Mala Beads - Traditional Tibetan prayer beads used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or intoning a mantra or deity's name. Made from Rudraksha seeds. BCH-RMJAPMAL $25.00
Rose Petals Rosary - Used for prayer, meditation, protection and for the recitation of the Rosary. Beads are made from rose petals with silver-tone findings, metal center and metal crucifix. BCH-RMROSARY $20.00
Wooden Crucifix - This depiction of Jesus upon the cross is used for prayer/devotion and is also believed to be the most effective protection from the likes of demons, vampires, poltergeists, and other evils. May be used in cleansing ceremonies and other religious rites. BCH-RMCRUCIF $12.50
Cement Ellegua Head - In Santería, Ellegua is the god of the crossroads, and the opener of the way. This cement head with a metal spike in the top, and cowrie shells for eyes and mouth, is a representation of Ellegua. Receiving a consecrated Ellegua head is part of the Santeria initiation known as Los Guerreros (the Warriors). However, non-initiates and worshippers alike can keep one of these on their altar, or behind their front door, to keep the way open. All statues are approx. 5" inches tall. BCH-RSPAPAEL $15.99
Resin Santisima Muerte Statues - Holy Death is a powerful ally for protection, love, or general blessings. Comes in black, red, or white. All statues are approximately 6" inches tall and painted in vivid color. Figure colors: red (R), gold (D), black (B), and white (W). BCH-RSSANTI* (Where * is the letter that represents the color you want.) $12.99
Resin Laughing Buddha - The carefree Laughing Buddha reminds us to not forget the sweet things in life and that abundance is always ours. Comes in red or gold. All statues are approximately 6" inches tall and painted in vivid color. Figure colors: red (R), gold (D), black (B), and white (W). BCH-RSBUDDH* (Where * is the letter that represents the color you want.) $15.99