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Spiritual & Symbolic Waters & Colognes

Waters & Colognes Display

Historical usage has imbued these name brand colognes and waters with spiritual and symbolic significance, or some might even say -- magical qualities! Wear them to draw luck or love, use them to dress your loadstone or mojo, or offer them to your ancestors; the results will at the very least be fragrant.

WATERS, COLOGNES & OTHERS - Famous brands and private label.
Product Price
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Ammonia (4 oz. bottle) - A traditional household disinfectant that cleanses things spiritually as well as physically. Takes just a few drops in the bath to remove jinxes and crossed conditions. Use as you would any other liquid cleaning product in the scrub water to wash away evil around the house, and to replace the nastiness with a lemony protective shield. May also be used by those with delicate sensibilities to replace urine in workings that call for it. BCH-WBAMMONI $5.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Holy Water (5 oz. bottle) - Sanctified water ceremoniously blessed "In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit." Used for rites of blessing, cleansing, and banishing. Sprinkle it around the premises to remove unwanted energies and to calm rambunctious spirits. May also be used for cleansing objects and people. BCH-WBHOLYEE $7.00
Hoyt's Cologne (5 oz. bottle) - A traditional splash reputed to bring good luck to gamblers, this distinct cologne may also be used to feed loadstones and mojo bags. Comes in a charming bottle with an old-fashioned label; it really hasn't changed in over a hundred some-odd years. BCH-WNHOYTSC $15.00
Jockey Club Perfume (2 oz. bottle) - A traditional cologne used to enhance sexual magnetism or boost gambling and financial success. BCH-WNJOCKEY $6.00
Lanman & Kemp's Florida Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - A traditional altar offering, this toilet water may also be used for cleansing and purification in the bath, as a spiritual spray or area sprinkle, or to feed mojo bags. Some also use it in its intended capacity -- as a cologne. Noted for its classic floral bouquet of scents in a cool and refreshing alcohol base. BCH-WNFLORID $8.00
Lanman & Kemp's Kananga Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - A traditional toilet water, Kananga is most often used as an offering to the dead. However, like Florida Water, it also has cleansing and purification properties. Use it for spiritual bathing, spraying, or sprinkling. Made from a soothing blend of ylang-ylang and other notes combined in a cool and refreshing alcohol base. BCH-WNKANANG $10.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Glory Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - Used to garner fame and recognition whether you deserve it or not! Attract the right kind of attention from the right people. Be the one everyone thinks of for promotions and praise. Be a winner! Splash some on before heading out for the day. A celebration of floral scents combined in a cool and refreshing alcohol base. BCH-WBGLORYW $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Indian Clear Water (3 oz. bottle) - Said to reunite lost loves and those who have been willingly or unwillingly separated; eases heartache and encourages reconciliations. May also be used for protection in a pinch. BCH-WBINDIAN $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Orange Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - Used in the bath by those seeking to get lucky in life or love. May also be used as an altar offering to deities that rule the areas of good fortune and love. Made from a distilled water base and orange essential oil; some say, "It's like happiness in a bottle." BCH-WBORANGE $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Rose Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - Used in the bath by those seeking to be blessed with new and abundant love/romance, strong and faithful marriages, and close and rewarding relationships. May also be used as an altar offering to any deity associated with love, romance, and marriage. Made from a distilled water base and rose fragrances, it turns your tub into a cauldron of love. BCH-WBROSEWT $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Peace Water (8 oz. bottle) - Used as a sprinkle in the corners of rooms to bring about peace in a home, and to ensure that only good influences may enter. May also be used in the bath to sooth jangled nerves, or sprayed on for the same effect. BCH-WBPEACEW $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Rue Water (7.5 oz. bottle) - Used to break and reverse jinxes concerning love, money, and health. May also be used for general purification of the body or an area. BCH-WBRUEWAT $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand War Water (8 oz. bottle) - Like a bouquet of black roses from one enemy to another, this product sends an undeniable message -- "I mean to fuck with you." Customarily, the bottle is broken on the doorstep of a foe for the purpose of creating hell and heartache for the target and the other members of the household. BCH-WBWARWAT $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand Four Thieves Vinegar (8 oz. bottle) - Used for personal protection in the bath, on the doorstep, or around the house. Keeps both enemies and diseases away. May also be used to sour the life of an enemy when used in the same manner as War Water. BCH-WB4THIEV $8.00
Black Cat Hoodoo Brand HOT Splash (8 oz. bottle) - Put it on to get it on. Splash some on before going out for the night. All we are going to say is that you will have to beat them off with a stick! BCH-WBSPLASH $11.00