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Zoological Curios

Zoological Curios Display

Animals being the magical creatures they are, it is not surprising that animal curios have a place in hoodoo and other magical traditions. Not for everbody, but always a powerful addition to any working or mojo. We only offer items that have been legally harvested and/or are the natural by-products of another industry.

ZOOLOGICAL CURIOS - Traditional magic from the wild kingdom.
Product Price
Abalone Shell (one shell per package) - Used for smudging and incense burning. Place sand in the bottom to protect the shell and dissipate heat. Sand sold separately. BCH-ZZABALON $10.00
Badger Tooth (one tooth per package) - Used for gambling luck for all types of gaming (lottery, poker, the slots, the ponies, etc.) BCH-ZZBADGRT $5.00
Black Cat Hair (1/4 oz. package) - Generally used in spells of evil intent. Often used as the "female" component in break up spells. BCH-ZZBLKCAT $4.50
Black Dog Hair (1/4 oz package) - Generally used in spells of evil intent. Often used as the "male" component in break up spells. BCH-ZZBLKDOG $4.50
Black Hen Feathers (five feathers per package) - Either brushed over the body or rendered into a powder, black hen feathers are thought to take off jinxes, illnesses, and other negative conditions. BCH-ZZBLKHEN $8.00
Cascarilla (1/8 oz. package) - Cascarilla is a fine white powder made from eggshells that is used in the Santeria/Lukumi and Vodoun traditions for drawing veves and other ritual symbols. It is also used as a cleansing and purifying ingredient in "white" baths and sachet powders. BCH-PZCASCAR $2.50
Cat's Eye Shells (three shells per package) - These sea snail shells are worn to protect against the evil eye, wagging tongues, and other forms of jinxing and cursing. Various shades of tan, brown, and green. BCH-ZZCATEYE $4.50
Chicken Foot (one foot per package) - Chickens are said to have the ability to sense evil and have often been employed by rootworkers to "scratch up" tricks laid in the yard. Thus, the chicken foot is used to protect people and spaces from all manner of evil and to offer safety as one goes about business. Hang one around your neck, on your front door, above your altar, or car rearview mirror when you want some extra protection from evil spirits and thieves. They may also be used for offensive work, as they are said to "scratch out" the eyes of those who would oppose you. Feet are cured and natural -- ready for whatever you have in mind. BCH-ZZCHKFOO $7.00
Crab Shell Powder (1/8 oz. per package) - Crabs walk backwards so their ground shells are often used for reversing work. Crab shell dust can also be used for antagonistic spells as crabs are said to be "crabby." BCH-PZCRABSH $10.00
Cowrie Shells (twelve shells per package) - Used to symbolize money or the female genitals. Dress them and work them in the same way a female doll or vulva candle would be. Cowrie shells are also used in the Ifá divination system. BCH-ZZCOWRIE $6.50
Coyote Tooth (one tooth per package) - Bestows the gifts of balance, cunning, cleverness, and a sense of playfulness to the one who carries them, these teeth are pre-drilled for stringing or can be carried in a medicine bag or mojo hand. BCH-ZZCOYOTT $5.00
Gator Paw (one paw per package) - Said by old-timers to come in handy (heh, heh) when playing at games of chance, and for general financial success. BCH-ZZGATORP $8.00
Gator Tooth (one tooth per package) - Used to draw good luck in gambling and money matters, in general. BCH-ZZGATORT $3.00
Rabbit's Foot (one foot per package) - Basically lucky for everyone except for the rabbit, this traditional charm is used for gambling success and all around good luck. Comes in natural, red, or green only. BCH-ZZRABBIT $5.00
Raccoon Penis Bone (one bone per package) - The raccoon baculum is used for luck in gambling and in love. Gamblers will often wrap their money around one or will wear it on a chain. However employed, coon bones are said to bring in the ka-ching! Place one under the bed for satisfying relations, or give one to that special girl and let nature take its course! The key to it working for you is forgetting what it is. BCH-ZZCOONBN $5.00
Rattlesnake Rattle (one rattle per package) - Used for personal power and good fortune, these hard-to-find curios are also used by musicians to help them with their playing. Due to overharvesting, we only offer rattles when they can be procured via ethical means. Please check for availability before ordering this item. BCH-ZZRATTLR $65.00
Scorpion Dust (1/8 oz. per package) - Used for negative work (jinxing, crossing, hexing) to cause stinging pain and misery for the target. BCH-PZSCORPI $15.00
Shark Tooth (one tooth per package) - Use for protection work and to allow one to cut through any situation with strength and speed. Pre-drilled for wearing on a cord or sewing onto a mojo bag. BCH-ZZSHARKT $3.00
Snail Dust (1/8 oz. per package) - Used to slow things down, thus making them move "at a snail's pace." Stall the progress of others or allow yourself time to catch up. BCH-PZSNAILD $15.00
Snakeskin Sheds (1/4 oz. per package) - Used primarily for negative work (jinxing, crossing, hexing). May also be used for work involving the shedding of one's past. BCH-ZZSNSHED $20.00
Wishbone Powder (1/8 oz. per package) Used for the granting of wishes and special requests. Mix with any other powder, oil, incense, or bath to boost its potency. BCH-PZWISHBN $10.00